Solar Paints For
Cool Home Coating

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How Cool Paint Protects your House

Indoor climate enhanced

Longer roof service period.

Eco-friendly alternative.

Can be placed on existing oil roof covers.

Cool Paint is a paint roof cover that absorbs the warmth of the sun to keep the roof and the surrounding area cooler. The roof lasts longer and the temperature in the interior is more comfortable. Once the service is implemented, it starts to pay for itself. Cool Paint is weather-resistant and non-dissolvent. The cooling effect has a value (measured according to ASTM E1980) of SRI (Solar Reflectance Index). The SRI value of Cool Paint is 89. Therefore, a Cool Paint covering is 72% of sunlight and returns 87% of the heat to the atmosphere rather than the underlying air. Most solar heat reduces the difference in the roof temperature between day and night, summer and winter. The roof's lifetime is extended by constantly lower temperatures.

Benefits to the Environment

The low temperature in local

Lower demand for electricity to avoid power outages.

Reduce emissions from power plants, including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous and mercury.

Cool Paint Research

Home-relevant studies have found that homeowners could minimize electrical use of 10%-30% during peak loads only by adding a heat reflecting coated coating to their roof surfaces in Texas, Florida and Los Angeles California, all high-heat areas. As construction professionals know, cool roof coatings are applied as a liquid ' paint ' on existing rooftops, making them less heat-absorbant by the light-colored, reflexive materials in the coating.

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