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Types of Insulation and Their Benefits


Be Comfortable during summer and winter


Most homeowners don't know how important home insulation is. Insulation not only decreases sound transfer, but also reduces heat transfer to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. With energy costs rising in the past century, a properly isolated home is a must. Here are some fun facts about our insulation service company.

Types of Insulation

Loose-fill insulation consists of fabric, foam or other small particles. Such small particles form an insulating substance that can suit any space without disrupting structures or finishes. The ability to adapt allows loose-fill insulation ideal for retrofits and places where other isolation forms would be difficult to install.

"Batt and Roll" or "Blanket" is the most commonly used isolation. It is usually stored in coils, typically fiberglass, and the cheapest way to insulate a home. This elastic insulation material is most often sold in rolls that come in different thicknesses and standard widths, typically 16 inches and 24 inches, to fit between joists or studs in a house frame. They come as a vapor barrier with or without a sheet or foil surrounding them. To achieve the desired level of isolation you add one or more layers.

EverGreen Construction uses Pure Safety home insulation, the world's first ever roof insulation that is both allergy-friendly and asthma-friendly. With this high-performance insulation, less dust. It is also mold-resistant and mildew-resistant, as well as category A fire-rated and can reduce noise by up to 50%. Obviously, this home insulation makes the house healthier, safer and more comfortable.

Insulation will not only help you with temperature and dusts, it will also keep you safe. EverGreen only uses the world’s best insulations. The insulation we are using are Fire and sound proof which can definitely help you in times of emergencies. We only use the world's best materials for our insulations.

EverGreen Construction only uses materials that are ecofriendly. We do not use material that has chemical and has hazard effects to mother Nature. We prioritize and make sure that wherever we bring our service and materials, we will not damage or destroy any living things.

As insulation keeps you and your family warm in the summer in the winter and cool all year round without crank-up the HVAC, relying on extra warmers, investing in supporters and staying for too hot or cold homes.
Were you aware that a house which is insulated or not correctly isolated could lose 20% to 30% of its energy? Air leaks can waste your energy around your windows and doors, or in the attic or in the cellar. It means you will have to keep your heater and air conditioner warm or cool in your home (and a tough HVAC system means more energy). You will keep your home secure and keep your power balances down with proper house insulation.
No one likes to hear the noises and party music from their neighbor, and that's where home isolation comes in handy. Home insulation helps remove the noises that bounce off your walls and floors, making your home a safer place to live and relax.

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