Energy Efficient Roofing

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Energy Efficient Roof - Cool Roof

A new cool roof has a higher capability to deflect heat and keep home cool.

An old roof can deflect and absorb 12% of suns energy

Updating / replacing your roof will always lower down the risk, hazard and very cost efficient.

A new roof can bring comfort in our home

Save Energy & Money today

Construction is adapting to climate change, from traditional architectural design to engineering planning. Climate is a very huge factor for architectural design specially with regards to roofing. This is the reason why EverGreen Construction created an Energy Efficient roofing that is best for all climates. This technological advancement from EverGreen Construction is a game changer. The main goal is to keep our homes cool while also cutting back on electricity bill. Investing on your roof is very important as it will keep your family safe and sound, whether you need a new roof or a replacement. EverGreen Construction only uses the best materials for roofing which eliminates and block the sun’s ray and keeps the home cool.

Benefits to the Environment

EverGreen Construction only uses the best materials in the world. Materials we use plays a big role with regards to Energy efficient roofing. We only use the most durable in the industry. Aside from having a very good quality, we also make sure that our materials will look elegant with whatever design our clients have in mind. The energy efficient roofing we use have solar-reflecting granules that blocks the heat of the sun and keep your home cool. Every roofing contractors have different strategies with regards to Energy efficient roofing. Some contractor prefers investing on paint which is also a good idea. Some contractor also prefers non metal roof so that it will not block the heat of the sun. As one of the best contractors in Southern California, we will provide you free quotation and will only recommend the best and practical materials for your home and budget.

Living in a very warm climate area like Southern California requires air-conditioning. Having an air-conditioning in your home means almost 10 to 30 percent of your monthly income will be wasted to electricity bill. If you will invest with cool roofs, you will be able to avoid wasting money. It is not too late whether it is already constructed or have been there for decades. We can replace and help you solved your heat problem in your home.

Investing in an energy efficient roofing will definitely bring more smiles in your home. Instead of paying high electricity bill, you’ll be able to buy more stuff for your family. You’ll be able to save more money if you will invest with a good roofing.

Energy efficient roofing provides safety and increases the value of your home. Climate change can drastically destroy your home, appliances, food etch. Without cool roofing there is a higher chance that you’ll catch fire in your home.

Without even knowing we are all destroying our mother nature if we will not use energy efficient roofing. If we will all consume energy every now and then just to keep us cool then more power plants will be damaging the environment just to supply the demand of electricity. We’ll also be able to keep our air clean there will be fewer power plants. We will be also able to avoid drastic climate change if we will not support these power plants. Our main point is if you will use energy efficient roofing, you will save our environment.

Cool roofs will last for decades because of its durability. EverGreen Construction’s roofing materials are the best. Not that it will only last for decades but also because it will keep your family safe for all climate. They will not only block heat, they are also weather resistant.

Reduce the temperature that effect the demographic of the house.

Reduce the pollution from power plant carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrous oxides, and mercury

Lower peak demand for electricity that can stop power outages.

No need to cut trees to produce coals for power plants.

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